Past Courses

2013 Diplomacy and Public Policy Course

The CTBT Diplomacy and Public Policy Course comprised of online e-learning modules and a week-long live lecture seminar style course which covered the following topics: The role of the CTBT in the nuclear non-proliferation regime; The CTBT in a regional context; Negotiating history of the Treaty; Multilateral arms control and verification; and the third announced nuclear test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on 12 February 2013.

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2012 Advanced Science Course

The Advanced Science Couse focussed on the CTBT and its verification regime, including the build-up of the IMS and its operation, data processing and analysis at the International Data Centre (IDC), and the development of the on-site inspection (OSI) regime.

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2012 Intensive Policy Course

The Intensive Policy Course explored issues ranging from the history of the negotiations leading up to the CTBT and the development of its robust verification regime, to the current status of the Treaty and next steps toward the Treaty's entry into force and universalization.

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2011 Advanced Science Course

The Advanced Science Course, follows on from the Introductory Course and emphasized the science, technology and technical aspects that underpin the CTBT verification regime. The course concluded with a simulation exercise of On-Site Inspections.

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2011 CTBT Introductory Course

Three main aspects covered by the course were, the political aspects of the Treaty and its contributions to fostering international security and promoting nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, the technologies underpinning the CTBT verification regime, and the civil and scientific applications of CTBT monitoring technologies including the contribution to the Fukushima crisis response.


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